Customizing the Porch

Dear readers and newbie customizers,

What does it take to make a porch closer to a Porshe? Okay, leaving money aside, the thing you need is light and flowers. I already had the furniture, so that was easy.

Here’s the before:


I have to say that I’m quite proud of my drill skills. So I thought about putting more lights on the ceiling of the porch. And after a few more hanging planters, I came up with this:


I might add another chair or two. Anyway, it seems more inviting now.

And what’s next? I wanted to hang some art on the bare stucco walls, but somebody much smarter than me said “hahahahahaha.” Which I took to mean “no.”

So, what is really next? I need to put down some mulch around the house. My question is: how mulch is too mulch?


The Customizer