In Iowa City I could lock my bike with this chain:

Or, with these chains:

But in Brooklyn, I was told that I had better get something along these lines:

Wait. I am getting ahead of myself.

Where have I been? Why am I mentioning Brooklyn? What have I been doing?

Ohhh, nothing much….just getting a full time job with benefits and moving to New York City!

But so what, right? New York is, like, whatev…Readers want to know this: been riding?


Been skiing?


Been reading?

Yes: apartment listings in the BK (BK stands for Brooklyn. I am using this lingo because now I am so tight with my nabe).

Is that poor showing in all three areas gonna change?


Can do…just give me a few days. Right now I have to figure out how to sort the recycling in Brooklyn. Also, I just got told to move my bike from the stoop. It was more like bikes. None of my neighbors could climb over my heap of properly locked bikes.

Stay tuned for more Brooklyn adventures.