That Is One Long, Steep Hill. Let’s Skate Ski Up It As Fast As Humanly Possible!

What would it be like to ski uphill for, oh, say about 4-7 km?

I think that this video is wonderful, not merely because of the language–which is mesmerizing, especially since I don’t understand it. Check out the extreme pitch of the mountain during the 2008-09 Tour de Ski. At one point it is 28%.  There is nothing like that around Iowa City (dramatic understatement: litotes). And the fact that these are World Cup skiers using a skate ski style that is neither V1 nor V2 humbles me. What is it called when you plant a single pole for each leg stride?

Oh, and in case you missed it, Virpi rules.

As I get ready for the Iowa Winter Games and the Birkie, I need to think about grabbing me some hill training. Any ideas?

I posted the second fastest time in the annual Raw Race 12 km TT. This is an unofficial, unsanctioned, and unfair time trial that fell into place just yesterday.

Ski in peace.